June 11, 2017:: Site core improvements

Significantly accelerated loading of the pages, displaying information about the tourney. For supervisors, the loading of the tourney management pages is accelerated.

October 26, 2016:: Supervisor tourney guide document

Available for download document: Supervisor Guide (Only russian yet. But it contains a lot of pictures, so that without translation is clear). This is the detailed instruction for the tourneys management at NFSU Cup Club. (Zip file, size 1,073,939 bytes).

October 24, 2016:: The third season and tourneys schedule

The third season tourneys began. The main difference from the previous seasons — is no plan for a few months ahead of the schedule of tourneys. The results of all tourneys, to be held on, get in the standings of the third season.

Former about when Saturday tourneys of the drag and the circuit, Sunday — the sprint and the drift, will be gone. Tourneys schedule will now be configured by supervisors. Each player gets the role of the supervisor will be able to create tournaments.

Questions and suggestions in the comments please.

October 23, 2016:: Changes in the rules
  1. To participate in the tournament are registered users who have passed a racer test.
  2. Tourneys dates and times are  timezone Europe/Minsk (UTC + 3)

October 23, 2016:: Changes on the site

The new version of the site. Briefly about the changes.

  1. Now users have a role: the racer, captain, supervisor. After registration available tests for racerand supervisor. The role of the captain is given to the player who will register the team.
  2. Captain now has the ability to manage your team.
  3. Supervisor now has the opportunity to manage their own tourneys.
  4. Extended information about players and teams.
  5. A single menu item "Tourneys".
  6. The new interface in the section of the site "game server".
  7. There were rules for the tourney management.

For all previously registered users assigned to the role of the racer. Players who register a team in the first and second season, got the role of captain.

July 7, 2015:: Results of the second season

Season #2 is over. During this season 64 tourneys were played. Thanks for everybody.

Winners of the Cup:
2.  LSDxFKSpeedArt
3.  LSDxLia

Best players circuit:
2.  LSDxFKSpeedArt
3.  LSDxLia

Best players sprint:
2.  LSDxFKSpeedArt
3.  newbie

Best players Drag:
1.  BTxSnake
3.  LSDxLia

Best players Drift:
2.  LSDxFKSpeedArt
3.  ahimas

Also grassing greetings, the most active participants of the second season will get a bonus. Players who have taken part in more than 32 tourneуs will receive REP 9,000,000 in the circuit & drift and REP 600,000 in the sprint & drag. Players have two options: take the bonus (the default), or abandon it. Earning bonus points will be on next week.

Welcome new players
Alanastana Jan 17, 2018
SashaPozityv Jan 14, 2018
katelyn Dec 26, 2017
LordWorld Dec 9, 2017
MXXSxChertan Nov 5, 2017
Top 5: Overall
BTxSnake 3769
LSDxFKSpeedArt 3667
LSDxLana 1829
LSDxLia 1253
Top 5: Circuit
BTxSnake 1052
LSDxFKSpeedArt 845
LSDxLana 548
LSDxLia 360
Top 5: Sprint
LSDxFKSpeedArt 940
BTxSnake 771
LSDxLana 561
LSDxLia 348
Top 5: Drag
BTxSnake 898
LSDxFKSpeedArt 852
LSDxLia 482
LSDxLana 382
Top 5: Drift
BTxSnake 1048
LSDxFKSpeedArt 1030
LSDxLana 338
LuckyBoi 219
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